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Niche, true to our name classes are small and focus on our expertise.

Class sizes vary from          4- 8 participants.

Pilates Reformer Classes

The love of all Pilates students and teachers! Classes on the Pilates reformer give students the ability to have an assist through the resistance of the springs when necessary and use the resistance of the springs to strengthen and challenge. The beauty of the reformer is that it is accessible to everyone and so incredibly versatile that you could work on this machine everyday and always do something new. 

Mixed Level 

All levels are welcome in our Mixed Level Pilates Reformer class. Participants will receive specific instruction, cueing and tactile adjustments as necessary. This class has a maximum of four participants. This class gives clients a total body workout. There is an express version of this class as well.

Intermediate Level

Experience is require for our Intermediate Level Pilates Reformer classes. While instruction and cueing will be specific, the class incorporates exercises that are a bit more challenging than our Mixed Level Class. The pace of class is increased as well. This class has a maximum of four participants.

Jump Board

Jump boards are used to incorporate cardio into a reformer class and work through the articulation of the feet and ankles. Wonderful for dancers, athletes of all kinds and to improve mobility should you have arthritis or another condition that decreases range of motion in your joints. Since the jump board is placed on the reformer, it works in the horizontal plane, making it far less strenuous on your joints. Experience is recommended, but not required. This class has a maximum of four participants.

Mat Pilates and Functional Training Classes


Mat Pilates + Core burn

Our Mat Pilates Classes use a combination of Balanced Body Pilates repertoire and functional movement to challenge and balance the body. We move through all planes of motion, keep a consistent rhythm and train the core to stabilize the body, strengthen overall and improve posture. Instructors focus on firing the and challenging the core. This class has a maximum of ten participants.


Circuit: Reformer, TRX, Core Burn

Quite a unique class, instructors incorporate work on the pilates reformer, TRX bands and mat work focusing on getting that core to work hard! If you're looking for a class that will work every muscle in your body, use multiple pieces of equipment and have your workout fly by-- this is the perfect class for you!! This class has a maximum of six participants.

This class has an express version as well, in 45 minutes you'll get a nice burn. Perfect for busy professionals, moms and lunch time workouts. 


TRX Total Body Tone

TRX Total Body Tone incorporates TRX bands which build strength, challenge your balance and core stability, smaller pieces of equipment such as stability balls, pilates rings, therabands and mat work are also incorporated. 

The class is set up so that half of the participants are on the TRX bands and half of the participants are on the mat and/ or using small equipment props. Participants will switch places multiple times. This class has a maximum of 8 participants.


TRX Lower Body and Cardio

TRX Lower Body and Cardio is a kick butt class that uses TRX bands, mat work, floor work and therabands to give your legs a killer workout. Except to increase your heart rate and work hard.

While the instructor will encourage you to work hard, instruction and cues are specific. You can be sure to you'll work with proper alignment and form. This class has a maximum of 8 participants.


TRX Upper Body and Abs

TRX Upper Body and Abs incorporates the TRX bands to challenge arm, chest and back work. Mat work, pilates rings, therabands and other props are used to work upper body and arms.

Your instructor will also use the TRX Bands for ab work such as plank series. This class is a challenging class that will build strength, core stability and long lean muscles. This class has a maximum of 8 participants.


Align + Core + Flow

Our take on a functional yoga class. Participants work hard, mentally and physically to recognize where their body is in space and how to properly engage the correct muscles to take you through a variety of movements. Your instructor will guide you through various yoga postures and core exercises with a high level of focus on alignment and stability. Postures are held for several breaths to give the muscles time to build heat. A simple flow ties the class together.  This class has a maximum of 10 participants

If you have any questions you can contact Master Instructor, Jaclyn Forrester at 804-380-2863 or by completing this form.