Apparatus Class Packages ONLY available before 2019

12 Classes $264

16 Classes $352

20 Classes $440

*all packages expire in 6 months, no refunds or exchanges


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Postnatal Yoga and Pilates Workshop


Join Suzanne of Humble Haven Yoga and Jaclyn of Niche Pilates Studio for a Postnatal Yoga and Pilates workshop where you will learn three vital techniques for caring for the postpartum body, specifically diastasis recti.

Both Yoga and Pilates will teach you to find length through the spine, essential for the organs to return to their new normal and the core muscles to realign for proper engagement. Take a deeper dive into Pranayama, breath control, exercises as you learn to breathe through the full range of motion of the diaphragm allowing organs and muscles to return to their home and give mobility to the spine. By working through alignment of Yoga and Pilates postures and movements, we will bring awareness to the minut engagements of the core muscles. Enjoy a supported inversion as you complete your work, giving the body a gentle reminder for the organs to come in and down for better accessibility to the core muscles. If you are brand new to Yoga or Pilates or a seasoned practitioner of both, this a great opportunity to combine two different, yet complimentary, modalities of movement to bring more awareness and strength to the core and spine.

Monday, January 28th 6- 7:30pm at Humble Haven

Cost: $35/ Person