Niche is Turning 1!

Birthday's are meant for celebrating and spending time with friends. So for our first birthday we're inviting you to share everything you love about Niche with your friends, give them the discount code, LetsCelebrate and they will receive 10% off a drop in rate for a Small Group, Reformer Class or a Single 30 minute Private Session.

The love keeps spreading, you can also use the code, NewDigs to snag some merch at 10% off while you're in the studio. Just in time, new Super Fun pants are in!

Codes are valid March 26- April 1st. 


Niche March Madness

MARCH 5th-31st

Niche March Madness is here! The competition will be based on attendance for each class, classes will compete with each other to win. 

The bracket will begin with morning classes on the left side of the bracket and evening classes on the right side of the bracket. As you attend the class you’ll receive a sticker for your attendance. Place the sticker on the the line labeled with the class you attended. 

The competition will begin March 5th and we’ll compete through the end of the month. The winning class will be surprised with a tasty surprise! 


Our Niche theme of the month is perseverance. We launch with a March Madness competition to give you an opportunity to attend Small Group Classes that challenge your perseverancethrough endurance postures and exercises. You’ll notice that instructors will be incorporating moves such as plank variations, chair pose and cardio based exercises. 

These movements and postures build heat. They challenge you to find your breath, find calmness in the work and come out stronger on the other side. 

As you work through these, take time to capture them and share your experience- both internal and external. Tag #NicheFitStudio as you share and you’ll be entered to win 5% off any package or retail purchase in the studio.