Niche to-Go

Many of our clients have busy schedules, juggling work, kids, social gatherings and a healthy balance of taking care of themselves while being there for others.

We also have a desire to share our passion and expertise beyond Richmond, VA. And so, our Niche To-Go program was created.

With Niche To-Go, clients will receive two- three weekly workouts that are completely customized for their needs and goals. Whether you're looking for a program to help kick start a healthy routine or maintain an active lifestyle by using exercises that focus on form, proper technique and intension-- this program is for you.

The bonus with Niche To-Go is that it's budget friendly, our month to month program is only $70. The one month program is designed for clients have a particular month that is full of travel or projects, kids, etc that keep them out of the loop of their usual workout routine.

We will also offer Niche To-Go in a 6 month program. This program is designed for clients are using Niche To-Go as their primary workout or in additional to their routine. We know that it takes 12- 15 weeks to form a habit and an additional 12- 15 weeks to begin realized the benefits of the habit. Hence the 6 month program.

Whether you're planning to attend one or two classes a week at a studio or you plan to make this your primary routine this program is perfect for you! 

Niche To-Go Includes:

  • 2- 3 weekly workouts, completely customized
  • Direct access to Master Pilates Instructor and Functional Trainer, Jaclyn Forrester
  • Each workout will prompt you immediately to give feedback to Jaclyn-- too hard, too easy, etc.
  • Ability to track nutrition
  • Metrics will be requested when registering, your personal metrics will be used to calculate calories burned during each workout
  • A variety of props may be used-- TRX bands, bosu, balance pads, foam roller, mini ball, etc
  • All exercises prescribed will include a short video and detailed instructions to sure efficient performance


Niche To-Go, 6 Months, $60



Niche To-Go, 1 Month, $70



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