Why I started Centered

Centered is the result of years of experience in the fitness industry.  I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in a variety of spaces—big box gyms, corporate wellness gyms, pilates and yoga studios and country clubs.

I was able to organize a few positive elements from each experience, something unique from each space coupled with my passion of functional movement to create Centered.

I spent months looking for a space and landed in a lovely private office building that provides an inspiring space with large windows, bringing whatever the day has in store to the workout. Because the space is small instructors are able to focus solely on the individual with no distractions.

We have everything we need to give private and semi-private clients a complete workout. We utilize a pilates reformer, TRX bands, bosu ball, balance pads, dumbbells, kettlebells, thera-bands and much more. In an effort to take care of clients from start to finish we have water, hot tea, coffee and hand towels so clients don’t need to bring anything but themselves when they come in for a workout.

As we grow we will keep the small space for private and semi-private workouts. We look forward to planning and creating a small group training room that will offer clients an opportunity to workout as a team. Still, our focus will remain on precise movement with proper form so we will keep our numbers small. This gives clients an opportunity to take part in a workout that is more economical, in a team environment but will still be more focused and intimate than your boutique studio allowing you to grow and have a more personalize approach even in the group setting.

We hope you enjoy the space and the intention as much as we do. Feel free to call with any questions or to schedule an appointment.