Your mind is a mysterious and powerful tool. Using it to benefit your workouts allows you to take it to the next level. The hard part is recognizing the “I’d like a break” voice from the “I need a break” voice. 

One useful technique is a simple habit of meditation. Our lives are so busy and workouts are often our “me” time. This may be the only time in your day that you are tuning in to yourself. If that’s the case, your mind may be so overwhelmed with work, friends, a spouse, kids, and the many other things running through your mind that your body might just want a break in general and instead of taking a step back and spending a bit of time, even five minutes to just breath, close your eyes and relax, that your body might just say, “I’ve had enough of these squats!”

So the first step in moving forward is actually taking a step back. Dedicate five minutes in your day to close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, breath and scan your body. Think about where you can relax, recognize where you are tight, sore or feel strong. Continue trying to relax one more muscle and calm your thoughts. As you become more comfortable with this you will be able to recognize your thoughts. This comes in handy as stressful situation comes across your desk and as you try to make through a round of kettlebell squats.

Give yourself a challenge to mediate for five minutes everyday for one week and be mindful as you workout. Take a mental or actual note each day and see if you are able to push a little harder or achieve something new.