functional trainng

What is Functional Training?

Functional training refers to movements that you use in daily life. It can be something as simple as walking up and down stairs to a pattern of movement that you use in a tennis match. Whatever your goal for movement is—that is your functional training. 

At Centered, practice movement through the same planes of motion, simulate form and enhance your balance, strength and stability so that you are able to move through your functional movement with ease.

For most people focusing on broad goals is an effective strategy. A few examples are:

  • Being able to balance on one leg- the challenge is having right and left leg be equally balanced
  • Holding a plank- a simple plank is the foundation of many other exercises, particularly on the TRX bands. In life it gives you strength and muscle endurance through your entire body.
  • Moving through a squat- this foundational exercise helps you in everything from getting up and down from the couch or floor to powering through a tough tennis match
  • Focusing on breath- this typically allows you to push a little harder than you did before nailing this technique
  • Posture- proper alignment while exercising is only half the work, proper alignment in life as you sit, stand, play with your kids, play sports. That’s that real work.

The goal with functional movement is to practice as much as you can with a professional so that when you move through daily activities at the house or step out on the court, on the golf course, at the dog park or sit down at one of the many breweries in Scott’s Addition, it’s habit for you to sit with good posture, bend down using a proper squat, breath so that you don’t overly exhaust yourself in the summer heat. Our goal is to help you on this journey so that you build a strong foundation that can safely and efficiently progress.