January Pose of the Month: Half Moon


Every month of 2018 Niche will have a pose of the month where instructors and clients will work on the principles and expressions of the pose in each class. Participants can track their progress and tag the studio in on Instagram with #NichePOM. Not only will this help to track personal progress, but each student that posts with this tag will be entered to win a fun prize at the end of the month!

The Pose :

Half Moon

Purpose :

Balance, Control and Concentration, Core Stability, Strong Obliques, Ability to Connect to Lats, Hip Opening, Shoulder Stability

Proper Alignment :

  • Standing foot under hip, elevated leg at top hip height

  • Shoulders stacked with long line from fingertip to fingertip (keeping top hand over shoulder)

  • Core engaged and rib cage knitted in

  • Back of head in line with spine, Foot flexed toes pointing towards side wall - with rotation coming from the hip


Modifications :

  • Block under bottom hand

  • Stand with back body against wall for support

  • Bottom leg kneeling with bottom hand or elbow down

Amplifications :

  • Eyes gaze up or close

  • Bend elevated knee and flex foot, top hand at ankle


Instructor Insights :

Props are your friends -  they help you to find proper alignment often to get to full expression of pose - your arm is not as long as your leg so don’t be afraid to use a block!

Play with gaze - down can be less challenging, up is full expression, eyes closed is fun!