Bathing Suit: first time of the year


The first week of March was a week that I'd been looking forward to since Christmas, vacation week! My hubby and I headed to the beautiful destination of Harbour Island in the Bahamas. We love island vacations, and this place had a lot to live up to. Many friends and co-workers had bragged about all the island has to offer. I have to say, it lived up to the expectations. The island is small, full of friendly locals, everyone gets around on a golf cart, the food is exceptional (which is not usually the case on the islands) and the beach is unlike any we've seen. 

With such a beautiful beach awaiting us, we couldn't wait to toss on our bathing suits and head out for the sun and the sand. As I sat down in the lounge chair and began to cover myself in sunscreen I felt like my thighs were suddenly spreading across the chair. My core, that I work constantly and feel pretty good about, suddenly felt like it had some extra love on each side/ back- ya'll know what I'm talking about. 

In winter clothes and in active wear, which is what I live in, you don't notice these things. Active wear is awesome, it holds you in all the right places, comes in high waist, doesn't pinch any unattractive areas- you forget that summertime attire can be quite a bit more vulnerable.  

Really, I shouldn't complain and shouldn't be so hard on myself. I workout most days of the week. I'm perfectly healthy. I'm highly focused on doing strong workouts with purpose, always using proper alignment and form. So what is it? Should I recognize this and work harder?

I spent some time reflecting on this while I was gone. I can tell you one thing, it didn't keep me from eating and enjoying rum cocktails. But it did encourage me to get home and step up my workouts. Yes, I do workout most days, but sometimes it's a 30 minute spin ride. I practice yoga with one of our veteran instructors twice a week, but I do need more strength, resistance and pilates training.

As a business owner, people always tell you to put yourself first and pay yourself first. Two things I've placed on the back burner. I've opened up availability on my calendar when I knew I was overwhelmed, I've added clients over top of my own workouts. Hopefully this vacation, which just so happened to be close to the Niche first year anniversary, was just the catalyst I needed. For the second year in, I plan is to grow as a business owner and to become stronger- inside and out!