New Beginnings- Spring is a time to start anew


New Year’s Day isn’t the only time of the year for setting goals, refocusing, restarting. A change of seasons, especially Spring, is tangible evidence of new beginnings, of roots that were planted months ago, coming into the full shape of their beauty. Daffodils, forsythia, camellias - they are all throwing off their winter protection and sending out a commanding, “look at me!”- a reminder that we too, can shed our winter coats, and start anew.

While the new season provides the perfect backdrop for a mindset of starting anew, we would be sluggish, disappointed, and drained human beings, if we only allowed ourselves intentional time to refocus during the milestone moments throughout a year. Instead, let’s seek the in-between moments for a chance to reset and start anew.

This month at Niche, that is our focus – to seek the in-between opportunities, to feel refreshed with every class, to see each round of movement as a new opportunity to be better, stronger, kinder. Each warm up is a chance to set an intention; each cool down is a chance to reflect on the new version of yourself that goes out the door and into the rest of your day.

We tend to see the beginning and the end as the least important parts of our work out, deciding that the “harder” portion is where the real growth and strengthening takes place, but the warm up and the cool down are just as essential, not only for your body, but for our minds to acknowledge the act of doing something kind to your body, and to anticipate a revitalized spirit. Even during the hardest part of your workout, each inhale is a chance to prepare, and each exhale is a chance to let go.

If you find yourself feeling the desire to shake off the winter cold and start anew this Spring, join us at Niche for a full array of class offerings – we promise you will leave feeling refreshed and refocused!