Inside Look: Bethany Frazier, owner of Maven Made


On May 4th from 5:30-7 pm we are excited to host a Create a Custom Scent Workshop with Maven Made (sign up here)! In this workshop, Bethany, creator of skincare and wellness line Maven Made, will be providing information, tips and aromatic hands-on experience with herbal, fatty and essential oils. You'll have the chance to create your own custom roll-on blend using her collection of ethically-sourced and organic oils. Used correctly, botanical-based oils make wonderful allies for healing, balancing and nourishing. Your blend can be used to balance the mind, increase energy, aid menstrual cramps or ease hot flashes, promote better sleep, reduce stress or as an aromatic fragrance - the list is limitless. Herbal infused champagne cocktails will be provided.

In addition to hosting Maven Made on May 4th, we were excited to host a Q+A session with Bethany of Maven Made.

What first sparked your interest in developing your own wellness and skincare products?

When I was a child and teens I was always obsessed with beauty products and experimented with the few makeup and beauty products I had. However, it was my long struggle with acne that was the catalyst to open the doors to creating products to nourish my skin and body from botanical ingredients.

When and how did you decide to sell your products?

I realized I had created something pretty amazing when the Facial Serum helped clear my cystic acne. I started selling a small collection of oil serums under the name of Comfort + Joy in early 2014 but that December the line was rebranded with a clearer vision and Maven Made was launched just before the holidays.

What made you decide to go full-time with your business?

There is never a “perfect” time for any life moment, so with that in mind, I decided the new year would be my closest version to the right time so I left my full-time job in January to pursue and grow Maven Made. My wife and I plan to start a family in the next few years so nurturing Maven Made into an abundant business before we dive into mamahood is important.

What has been a rewarding part of owning your own business? What has been a challenge?

Connecting with other artisans, makers and business owners at a local level has been one of the greatest joys of owning a small and woman-owned business. I have developed a heightened respect for goods, art, and services that are formed from independent creators versus the capitalist, chain and big box realm.

A challenge that I have encountered is not getting caught up in the things that don’t serve myself or the business. Whether its my own expectations and being hard on myself (I am a Virgo, this is a theme!) or getting wrapped up in people pleasing others. Over the past year, I’ve really embraced saying no or observing when something doesn’t sit right. Whether turning down a wholesale opportunity with a store that doesn’t align with Maven Made/personal values or just declining from the exhausting cascade of social circles, networking and events. I’m learning that being different and allowing Maven Made to carve its own unique path is its greatest superpower.  

How much of what you create takes “test runs?” In other words, how many mixtures does it take before you make one that you feel is “perfect”?

I make, test and remake a product until it feels right, I listen to my intuition for that answer. If I’m formulating a new product, I’ll sample it to others to get feedback, but everything I make has to come from an authentic place where I feel excited about it. If I don’t, the energy behind that product isn’t vibrating at the same frequency as a product I was thrilled to make. Logistically, formulas take a few times to get to a point where I feel confident for others to use it, however the Facial Serum is the bestseller and it took one formulation and that was it!

Where do you find inspiration behind a new product, a new scent, etc.?

Products are really manifested from discoveries of what interests me. Not what other companies or doing or what is popular. For example, Matcha has been popular for the past few years but I’ve finally discovered the beauty and powers of it. This discover was the basis to launch the newest Matcha Sugar Scrub.

What is an interesting fact about yourself (I know – lame question, but we are interested in knowing more about you!)

I used to be highly addicted to tanning beds, to the point where my skin looked rather leathery! My life was very different than it looks now, many people think I’ve always been this natural wellness advocate or that’s what I’ve been raised around and that just isn’t so. I wore fake nails, caked on MAC makeup and smoked cigarettes. I’m from Texas! I wouldn’t trade any of my past in, it’s provided a beautiful contrast in my life and also allows me to relate to others beyond the wellness realm.

Would you consider yourself a traveler or a homebody?

It truly depends on the season. In the winter, I hibernate but when the weather warms, I’m on the go. I love travel and it has increased over the years. The older I get the more I realize how important travel is to me and also to my business.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Okinawa Japan. When I came across this place I had no idea it existed so I was immediately interested. It is a tropical island in Japan - clear waters, traditional Japanese architecture and it is also home to a handful of animals that are found on this island.

This also ties with visiting Dolly Parton at her dinner table. I adore that woman.

Photo cred: @juliet.bryant