Beginner Yoga Series with Rachel Knight


I’m so excited to be leading a beginners yoga series at Niche! It’s such a fun opportunity to learn about the benefits of yoga, understand how postures feel in your body, and get comfortable on your mat. Since it’s a new offering at the studio, I thought I’d dive into a few questions we’ve gotten about the series. Check out my answers below for more information on what the benefits of a beginners series are, what to expect, and the basics of the series.

What is the benefit of a beginners series?

From a purely physical perspective, it’s important to know proper alignment and modifications for your body to prevent injury. What’s great about a beginners series is that students are given a space to learn the language and postures of a yoga class before jumping into a regularly scheduled class. It’s an opportunity to explore what a yoga class is all about, break down postures and have an open space for questions.

Who is this series good for?

Anyone! This series is open to all, but particularly geared to those interested in learning more about the fundamentals of yoga poses, class structure, and practice foundations. If you’ve been curious about coming to yoga, but feel intimidated because you don’t know the poses or what to expect, or feel that you’re not flexible or strong enough, this series is for you!

What can I expect each class?

The classes will be 75 minutes giving us enough time for a short practice, time to break down a series of postures to review alignment and modifications (and to play around so you can feel what works best for your body), and time for all the questions you have. We’ll start class with a short practice to warm up the body and get the mind settled into the space and we’ll end with a meditation and savasana so we can reflect on our time and wind down.

When does the series start?

Monday, September 17 at 6pm. We’ll meet every Monday from 6-7:15pm until October 15.

Do I have to attend the whole series?

Because we are not covering all the postures and alignment in one session, it is beneficial to come to the series as a whole.

How much is it?

$80 for 5, 75-minute sessions.

What’s my next step?

You can sign up through the Events page on our site or through MindBody. If you have additional questions, reach out to the front desk team the next time you’re at the studio or email us at

See you on your mat!