Niche Nutrition | Incorporating Alcohol Into a Healthy Lifestyle


The  Niche Nutrition Series with Registered Dietitian, Cayla Jablonski, kicks off April 3rd at 6pm and will be going on once a month for the next 6 months. The first topic is all about how to incorporate alcohol into a healthy lifestyle.  

There is really nothing better than a cold beer after a day on the river, or a nice glass of wine on the couch after a long day.  Alcohol is the iconic angel vs. devil duo constantly making us feel fantastic but sometimes leaving us with the feeling of regret that all of the healthy strides taken throughout the week were just tossed out the window even after one or two glasses of wine.  Even though we know this is how we will feel, we still choose to take part because it is just so good!  But guess what...

There is a way to keep alcohol in your life without causing havoc on your other healthy habits. Cayla will be going into detail on how our bodies handle alcohol, tips and tricks on keeping intake under control, as well as going over which alcoholic beverages are less destructive. Expect a fun, laid-back night of Cayla approved adult beverages, healthy snacks and nutritious conversations at Niche Pilates Studio.  To top it off, a pilates class comes along with the ticket to be used within 30 days of April 3rd.