Anita Rigo

Movement Is Medicine


Hi, I'm Anita! I have been a licensed massage therapist and body worker for the past 8 years, and it's been a tough yet exciting journey with plenty of moments of self-reflection...and making sure that I practice what I preach.

It's so easy to care for other people. I love being able to help my clients with their body pains, weaknesses, and general well-being while also giving them the support to care for themselves. Yet for a long time I rarely made my own aches and pains a priority, much less begin to understand how crucial it is to move my body in healthy, functional ways. 

I'm a person with a body type that's not considered 'conventional'. People with larger bodies are constantly taught to try to take up as little space as possible, and to avoid standing out. So I distanced myself from movement, and I became disconnected from my own body. 

But movement is food; movement is medicine.


About two years ago, I was super lucky to meet Jaclyn, the owner and founder of Niche, who introduced me to Pilates. I was nervous to try this new form of exercise because I was also just recovering from an injury (due to lack of movement and poor body mechanics while working. Shocker!)

But I was also excited: Pilates is about the mind-body connection (hello, what I practice every single massage session!) while using conscious breathing and encouraging full body awareness during movement. Also, you get to lay down during a workout? Um, hi, yes!


My Pilates practice changed how I felt in my body over the course of a few months. I now feel stronger, more present, and more confident. I'm also just happier to show love to my body in safe, functional ways; that's very empowering to someone who is considered plus size. After a year of practice, I am now a Pilates Apprentice at the studio, AND I moved my massage practice to Niche too! I've just taught my third Reformer class, and I am a little less afraid every time I teach - because this is my opportunity to help others improve their relationships with their bodies too. 

by Anita Morgan Rigo