We're proud to now be able to offer all of our best services in a class setting

Functional Training

Our functional training classes include a wide variety of tools, types of instruction and levels of difficulty. Instructors utilize TRX bands, therabands, mat work, standing work and balance pads to customize a workout that will challenge and build strength, balance, core and stability. These classes are challenging, high energy and a lot fun.

Pilates Reformer

The love of all Pilates students and teachers! Classes on the Pilates reformer give students the ability to have an assist through the resistance of the springs when necessary and use the resistance of the springs to strengthen and challenge. The beauty of the reformer is that it is accessible to everyone and so incredibly versatile that you could work on this machine everyday and always do something new. 

We will also have jump boards (!!!) Jump boards are used to incorporate cardio into a reformer class and work through the articulation of the feet and ankles. Wonderful for dancers, athletes of all kinds and to improve mobility should you have arthritis or another condition that decreases range of motion in your joints. Since the jump board is placed on the reformer, it works in the horizontal plane, making it far less strenuous on your joints.

Mat Pilates

Classes use a combination of Balanced Body Pilates repertoire and functional movement to challenge and balance the body. We move through all planes of motion, keep a consistent rhythm and train the core to stabilize the body, strengthen overall and improve posture.


Our yoga classes will include vinyasa, power and slow flow. You will notice that levels are included in the class name and description so that you can ensure to attend a class that is suitable for your needs and desired level of difficultly. Instructors will guide you through a sequence that focuses on breath as students work through postures that challenge strength, concentration, and balance. 



Instructor Education

Niche is honored to offer Balanced Body Pilates education to instructors. Balanced Body is the largest provider of Pilates education and equipment in the world. Instructors will enjoy the quality of the education and the family of world-wide contacts with instructors. 

Upcoming Teacher
Training Schedule:

Mat 1: March 17- 19th 

Mat 2: March 24- 16th

Reformer 1: April 14- 16th

Reformer 2: April 21- 23rd 

Each course is $500 for the weekend and includes instructor manuals. Instructors who choose to sign up for all four trainings will receive a 10% discount. After completing the training weekend, instructors will receive a certificate of completion and will have the opportunity to test out after completing observation, practice and practice teaching hours.

  • Mat test out is scheduled six months post training. 
  • Reformer test out is scheduled one year post training. 

To request registration submit your information via the form below.:

If you have any questions you can contact Master Instructor, Jaclyn Forrester at Jaclyn@nichefitstudio.com or 804-380-2863.