We have a lot of changes coming. Below you'll find answers and information. We are happy answer any addition questions. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Why all the changes?

Our intention has always been to offer classes and provide education for instructors. It took us a while to find the right space but we've found a place we are head over heels for and we know you'll love it too! 

When will the move take place?

Predicting construction is always tricky. We expect to be in the new space by early to mid-March. As we find out more, we'll share.

Why are you rebranding?

While we love the idea of being Centered, we found that having the name of our studio in the past tense didn't resinate with who we are. We will be rebranding as Niche. We love Niche because that's us-- a fitness boutique niche. Our goal isn't to attract mass crowds, have overly packed classes or offer anything we don't truly specialize in. We will stick to our core attribute-- Safe, efficient exercise. 

What type of classes will you offer?

This is such an exciting topic for us! We will offer Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates, Functional Training and Yoga. 

Pilates Reformer: we will have four reformers-- brand new, with lots of bells and whistles, including jump boards. Classes will max out at 4 participants.

Mat Pilates: amazing workout that focuses on core strength and stability. Instructors will incorporate an array of mat and functional work, use therabands and mini pilates rings. Classes will max out at 12 participants.

Functional Training: instructors will incorporate TRX bands, balance tools, mat work and dumbbells. Classes will max out at 8 participants.

Yoga: we will offer a variety of yoga classes, vinyasa, slow flow and power yoga. Classes will max out at 12 participants.

What type of packages will you have?

We will have four service types and we'll offer the same packages under each service type. Our services will be: privates, semi-privates, reformer classes and all other classes. The package types will be: single session/ class, 5 Pack, 10 Pack, 5 Pack Auto Renew, 10 Pack Auto Renew-- both will renew on a per use basis. We will also give clients the option for an additional 10% discount on all package types with a $2,000 on account purchase. 

Are you going to offer any specials for the new studio?

Of course! The first week of classes will be absolutely FREE! We do recommend that you sign up prior to the class. We will announce the dates via email, on the home page of the website and through social media. 

If you or a friend miss the first week, you can use the code FIRSTCLASS and attend your first class free.

Participants that sign up for our on account program by end of March will receive two FREE personal training sessions in addition to their discount.

How much longer will the current packages be available? 

Our current packages will be available through February, 2017. 

What if I purchased a package but haven't used all my sessions?

Not to worry, all packages will have the ability to be completed. We just won't sell the current packages after the end of the month.

Could I go ahead and purchase one of the new packages?

Sure, we'll have the new packages available on February 16th.


You can schedule it directly through our MindBody software or you can call to schedule. We will begin posting classes as construction progresses. 

What's the new studio like? Is there an area for me to change or shower?

The new studio resinates with who we are. It's flooded with natural light, the decor is fresh, modern and inspiring. Our colors are calm and luxurious. 

You walk in to a reception area with a large window, beautiful lighting and modern decor. As you make your way to the second floor, you'll pass a coffee and hot tea station. At the top of the stairs, you'll find shelves and cubbies for your personal belongings. If you need to change before or after class, you can pop in to one of two changing/ shower rooms. (Yes, two showers :) We have a separate bathroom and goodies you may have forgotten-- hair ties, bands, bobby pins, etc. Grab a towel as you walk into the large group class room with three windows trimmed in historic framework. We have mats, blankets, blocks and all the equipment necessary for an unforgetable boutique fitness experience. 

Sounds like this place needs an opening party.

It sure does! As we finalize construction we will announce our opening party date and details. 

You mentioned instructor education. What's that about?

Yes, we will offer Balanced Body Pilates teacher training. Balanced Body is the world's leading provider of Pilates education and equipment and we are honored to be part of the family. Have you or a friend ever thought about taking the next step in your fitness education? This is the perfect opportunity. We offer the training and a studio to practice, observe and teach.

Our dates are coming up soon. Mat 1: March 17- 19th, Mat 2: 24- 26th, Reformer 1: April 14- 16th, Reformer 2: April 21- 23rd. Links to sign up will be published by February 20th. Each training weekend is $500 and includes manuals and DVD's, sign up for all four and receive 10% off.