Wendell W.

“I’m really excited about my first year anniversary with Niche Pilates! I want to encourage anyone who has been in a place where they have been completely weak - a year ago when I started, I couldn’t do a plank. I’m a breast cancer survivor, but I felt like I was just surviving.

At Niche I saw another woman who was strong and beautiful and powerful, and she was also a breast cancer survivor, so I thought I could give it a try. Here it is a year later, and I can plank! I am so much stronger, I am so much happier, I am so much more self-confident, and it’s all because of awesome teachers at Niche, like Jaclyn and Amanda, who’ve helped me along the way. So please, come give it a try! You won’t regret it!”

Kathy G.

Niche is the best fitness studio I’ve used in Richmond. I love their beautiful light-filled space, the small class sizes, the types of classes offered, and their incredible instructors. I’ve always liked yoga and pilates, but usually I treated exercise classes as a chore. Niche’s yoga and pilates classes make me feel the opposite. I am legitimately excited to go to them. The classes are fun, just the right amount of challenging, and I love that they always emphasize correct form. Above all, I love the community feeling in the studio. I love their partnerships with local makers, artists, and other businesses. Instructors and other class participants are authentic, friendly, and approachable. I started going to Niche during recovery from an awful quad injury, and the instructors are so supportive as I’ve been testing how far I can (or can’t!) push myself, making me feel empowered to go at my own pace, rather than discouraged by the slow injury recovery. Like most people, I struggle with staying motivated and keeping up with an exercise routine, but Niche has made me feel confident and excited about making yoga and pilates a consistent part of my self-care practices.

Elizabeth K.

I started going to Niche when I moved to Richmond last August. I was looking for a gym or studio that offered different types of classes, whether that was Pilates-based, HIIT, or other small group formats. Niche had the perfect mix of everything! I really love the community Jaclyn has created there. All of the instructors are so nice, knowledgeable and approachable which is hard to find sometimes, especially at "boutique" studios... I feel like I fit in, and that makes me want to sign up and attend classes/workshops so much more than other places where I feel like an outsider.

Lisa N.

I started working with Jaclyn three years ago when she first started her studio. At that time, it was called Centered. My ballet instructor had recommended I do Pilates Reformer sessions to lengthen and strengthen my body for ballet. The very first time I worked with her, I could tell she really knew what she was doing. She was so professional, yet warm and welcoming. She customized my sessions to help me accomplish what I want with my ballet work. And she has helped me strengthen my entire body to keep me healthy and to also help me attain health goals and milestones I had set for myself.

I primarily have 50-minute private Pilates Reformer sessions once per week. I did, however, take the Align and Sculpt Challenge and, although it has indeed been a challenge, it has helped me break out of my mold and has given me some good perspective on what my body can do. These were small TRX and core sessions.

How has Niche served as a positive factor in my life? Wow. I could fill PAGES on this. Having someone who understands my body, understands the goals I wish to accomplish, challenges me based on MY increasing physical strength and ability and not holding back because of my age is HUGE for me. Jaclyn has been working with me for a good while now. She has seen me get stronger and more flexible with her guidance. She understands what I need for my ballet work and incorporates that into my workout. We all know that working out increases endorphins and enhances mood. But these sessions are specifically tailored for my particular goals. That keeps me inspired. It keeps me within a strong support system for what I want to accomplish. It ensures I get the variety I need, the different types of challenges my body is ready for. Jacklyn never ceases to amaze me with the workouts she designs for me. They build on what I have done but they appropriately stretch me toward what I never would think I was capable of on my own. This past winter, I discovered a health condition I never would have dreamed I would have to deal with. I was determined to manage it myself with my doctors guidance. Of course, workouts are part of that management. I am thrilled to say I have surprised even my specialists with my progress. I have absolutely no doubt that my workouts under Jaclyn’s guidance have played a significant part in that success.

I love the welcoming and beautiful atmosphere at Niche. I love meeting new people in the classes I take. I love knowing I am going to make progress with each private session – that we are building toward an ever-healthier me. I love how I feel after a session or after a class – challenged, a bit tired, but energized at the same time. I love the workshops and other offerings available. And it has been tremendous fun watching Jaclyn grow this wonderful business of hers and to see so many people come together for such a healthful purpose. Everyone at Niche is wonderful trained under her guidance and I feel confident each time I am there that I will have a fabulous experience.”


I absolutely HATE working out, but after having 3 kids I definitely need to. After my first session with Jaclyn I was hooked! I wasn't sure what to expect and was weary of trying something new, especially because I can not even touch my toes, but Jaclyn made it fun. I look forward to my weekly sessions.


Wow! I am going to feel it tomorrow. Niche wakes up all those muscles that have been sleeping over the years :) The studio is warm, comfortable, and completely approachable compared to some of the studios in which I have been. 5 stars—well deserved. I am excited to make this a part of my regular fitness routine! As a former athlete, I would highly recommend it to anyone—any age—any fitness level. Bravo.