Centered provides a unique workout experience by combining pilates, yoga and functional movement training.

Our workouts are completely customized so we're able to provide a safe workout for all ages and a multitude of goals ranging from general fitness, sport specific training, toning, post-baby, injury prevention, post-rehab and more. 

We are located in an office building with large windows and a clean, calming environment. A welcome change to a big box gym and even a studios that accommodate large groups. At Centered we are truly focused on the individual, their form and movement control.

Our Mission

To give clients a safe, total body workout that allows them to function and react better during any activity they choose.

Jaclyn has been a client of mine for several years now (I’m a massage therapist) and has sent me a TON of clients. All of these clients absolutely raved about her personal training sessions. Even some clients who had yet to work with Jaclyn knew of her and said they’d heard amazing things. From a practitioner’s standpoint, the fact that Jaclyn was sending clients to me told me that she was truly looking out for their overall physical well-being.

I have always known in the back of my mind that I wanted to start working with Jaclyn on a regular basis. So recently when I injured my shoulder I knew that I had two choices: either work with Jaclyn or a physical therapist. It only took me a split second to decide to give Jaclyn a chance and I’m so glad that I did.

If you don’t feel like reading beyond this point, know this: what makes Jaclyn an extraordinary practitioner is the fact that she LISTENS to her clients. One of my biggest pet peeves with any practitioner is when they develop one plan and implement it for everyone; we’re not all built the same and we don’t all have the same goals, therefore we shouldn’t all be on the same plan.

To elaborate: my personal goals in working out are simply to strengthen and tone in order to prevent injury so that I can do my job pain-free. I was very straightforward with Jaclyn—as I am in general – and it was obvious that she truly heard me and designed a session specific to my problems. She addressed every single item I had mentioned having difficulty with—even helping me to learn how breathe properly when no one else could.

After one session with Jaclyn I noticed a huge improvement with my shoulder. She specifically chose exercises for me that “opened up” areas that were incredibly tight, then worked with me on targeting the areas that were weak and perfecting exercises to strengthen them. Working with Jaclyn was the final step I needed on the road to truly recovering my shoulder injury. (Massage helped, but wasn’t fixing the true problem of weak triceps and lats.)

Her new location is super convenient and easy to get to (right beside Willow Lawn) and I love the fact that it’s a private office—made it a lot less embarrassing when I realized I couldn’t physically do one of the exercises!

Long story short: Jaclyn rocks. Whatever your goals are – even if you don’t really have any but just want to start an exercise regimen and know that you’re doing it correctly – go to Jaclyn. She sets the bar for personal trainers and incorporates everything from yoga to Pilates to cardio to toning to strengthening to stretching – she truly does it all!
— Aly