Frequently asked Questions

Below you'll find answers and information. We are happy answer any addition questions. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Questions about our classes and offerings:


What type of classes do you offer?

We offer Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates, Functional Training (TRX band classes) and Yoga. 

Pilates Reformer: we have four reformers-- brand new, with lots of bells and whistles, including jump boards. We offer a variety of Pilates reformer classes-- beginner, mixed and intermediate level as well as prenatal and post natal. All reformer classes max out at 4 participants giving participants high quality instruction, personal cuing- both verbal and tactile. 

Mat Pilates: amazing workout that focuses on core strength and stability. Instructors will incorporate an array of mat and functional work, use therabands, mini pilates rings and more. Classes will max out at 10 participants.

TRX Fusion: instructors will incorporate TRX bands, balance tools, mat work and functional movement. Classes max out at 10 participants.

Circuit- Reformer, TRX, Core Burn: incorporates a variety of equipment for a well-rounded workout that flies by. Classes max out at 8 participants.

Yoga Classes: our yoga classes focus on function, alignment, form and taking the energy down a notch with restorative postures. You'll notice that the names of our yoga classes begin with Align or a specific type of yoga, such as Slow Flow. We have a variety, Align + Core + Flow, Align + Restore, Slow Flow + Restore.

What type of packages do you have?

For Group Classes we offer the first class free. 

In addition, we offer drop in rates, 5 packs, 10 packs and monthly unlimited packages with an option of a 6 month commitment and 12 month commitment. Monthly unlimited packages are the best value. 

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions have an option of a single session, 5 pack, 10 pack and 5 and 10 pack auto-renew. Auto-Renew packages are charged on a by use basis. 

AIS sessions have an option of a single session, 5 pack and 10 pack.


You can schedule it directly through our MindBody software or email to schedule. 

You mentioned instructor education. What's that about?

Yes, we will offer Balanced Body Pilates teacher training. Balanced Body is the world's leading provider of Pilates education and equipment and we are honored to be part of the family. Have you or a friend ever thought about taking the next step in your fitness education? This is the perfect opportunity. We offer the training and a studio to practice, observe and teach.

Questions about the NICHE studio:


Is there an area for me to change or shower?

If you need to change before or after class, you can pop into the changing room which also has a shower. We have a separate bathroom, so the shower room allows you to have privacy and give you an opportunity to take your time.  

What if I forget something?

We have goodies you may have forgotten-- hair ties, bands, bobby pins, etc.  We also have mats, blankets, blocks and all the equipment necessary for an unforgetable boutique fitness experience. Not to worry if you forget something. All you need is, you.