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We believe clients should leave feeling taller, stronger, and confident. We intentionally curate a community that is welcoming to all. Through thoughtful movement, clients explore sustainable lifestyle tools to support longevity. Clients receive safe, alignment-based instruction in all varieties of Pilates and Pilates Apparatus that is tailored towards the unique individual.

Niche provides a unique workout experience.

Our thoughtful approach to movement, taught in a welcoming, light-filled space, gives you the opportunity to flourish. Niche instructors are highly trained and passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Sculpt + Core Classes: This mat based class was developed here at Niche, and is for every body. It is taught in an interval format to provide a fun, fast-paced class that incorporates the entire body and engages the mind. Exercises are taught for a specific period of time, practiced for two rounds, with multiple sets of exercises that keep your on your toes. It is designed with functional movement patterns that improve strength, balance and mobility.

Reformer Classes: We keep our class sizes small, maximum of five participants. You can be assured that instruction will be safe, specific and keep you working hard. Instructors have an opportunity to truly watch each participant, give them verbal and tactile cues.  Visit our Classes page to find a full description of our class styles and the schedule page to register.

Privates and Semi Privates: Niche also offers private and semi-private training. During these sessions the instructor has the ability to accommodate you and your specific goals. Our instructors are trained to work with a wide variety of clients from golfers, tennis players and equestrian riders to more therapeutic work with clients that are managing DRA (diastasis rectus abdominis), post rehabilitation and scoliosis.

Private Classes: Have a group of friends or co-workers that would enjoy a private class? We’d be happy to schedule a class that works for your group!

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