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Niche offers instructor education through Balanced Body Pilates and is a Continuing Education Provider for ACE, AFAA and NASM.

Sculpt and Core Instructor Training

What type of instructor is this training good for?

Sculpt and Core training is ideal for instructors that want to add an empowering functional movement sequence that increases the heart rate and provides a safe and solid workout for their clients. We focus on longevity of the client and their workout. We prefer safe techniques and proper form, while controlling movement versus faster, harder, heavier.

The Training

We created Sculpt and Core Pilates to provide instructors with a thorough and safe platform on which they can teach a solid mat Pilates and functional training focused interval class. The training is thorough and designed to focus specifically on principles of this class. You will learn anatomy, alignment and form as it relates to Sculpt and Core.

Students will work through multiple break out sessions that give them an opportunity to learn and practice so they are prepared to use verbal and tactile cueing as well as modifications and amplifications to provide their students with the best possible class.

Our recommended format and resources will be provided to students. In our experience working with instructor training programs, there is a lot of time spent on creating and programming the class. With Sculpt and Core, we have taken the guesswork out of the equation. We have a recommended interval format, over 120 exercises that will be reviewed and we have created 100 sets of exercises that can be plugged into the interval format to create an unlimited number of class variations. We created this so that students can spend their time focusing on the anatomy, alignment and form.

Sculpt and Core was created with intention and we believe that if students have an opportunity to focus on details that make a difference in how their clients connect with their movement, we’ve succeeded.

We are proud to be Continuing Education Providers for NASM, AFAA and ACE. If you are certified through one of these providers you will receive the following continuing education credits. NASM 1.9, AFAA 16, ACE 1.6

Instructor Training:

OCTOBER 12th & 13th from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Cost: $325 - sign up before September 20th and get $50 off!

balanced body movement principles TRAINING

Movement Principles focuses on the most important information on anatomy, assessment, biomechanics and foundational exercises needed to become a successful Pilates teacher, personal trainer or movement educator. The course mixes information on how the body works with basic exercises to illustrate the information in movement. You will come away with a complete tool box for effectively training clients to recover from injuries, improve their general fitness and enhance their performance. The focus on practical understanding of common movement patterns prepares instructors to be excellent at problem solving, goal setting and learning new exercise techniques with ease.

OCTOBER 18th - 20th

Friday, 10/18: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday, 10/19: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday, 10/20: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: $450

balanced body reformer 1 & 2 TRAINING

Reformer 1 introduces you to the biomechanical foundation of the Pilates method and to the essential components of functional core strength, lumbopelvic and scapular stability, as well as assessing and correcting alignment and improving flexibility. Pre-Pilates exercises are included for teaching these key principles to your clients and classes. Reformer 1 includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer including set up and safety, plus beginning exercises, program sequencing and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course you will be able to teach beginning Reformer classes or personal training sessions.

NOVEMBER 1st - 3rd
Friday, 11/1: 12:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday, 11/2: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday, 11/3 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: $450

For questions and additional information call 804-254-4141 or email 

Balanced Body participants may sign up directly through Balanced Body at